PR & Marketing

Kaylee Jukich-Fish

Social Media Coordinator

My name is Kaylee Jukich-fish. I am a Social Media Coordinator for Experimental Media Group where I specialize in social media marketing and content creation surrounding the history of Titanic and the Artifact Exhibitions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a passion for education as well as a lively social media presence. I garnered a large following on Tiktok with the intention of educating fellow consumers about Titanic in an innovative and entertaining way. Encouraging curiosity and invested interest in this particular topic is what drove me to succeed in this endeavor and is what inspires me to continue in this field. In addition, I was also employed as an Artifact Specialist at the Las Vegas location where my primary tasks included presenting information and ensuring guest satisfaction. My fascination with Titanic is something that developed in early childhood and continues to be a passion through adulthood.