Ross Mumford

Education Coordinator

My passions for Titanic and education have been constants in my life over the last decade. This spans from classrooms for preschoolers, to elementary, to middle school, to university, and all the way to senior citizens. In each of those settings, I always found creative ways to teach Titanic and its legacy. I recently transitioned from the classroom, having taught 4th grade for the last 5 years, to become the Education Coordinator for the E/M Group. Now I can coordinate opportunities for learning, connection, and sharing the Titanic story to a much larger audience. Previously, I have developed and taught over 15 different Titanic classes and have been awarded grants to research and present my findings about Titanic’s developments internationally. I graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with degrees in Elementary Education and Music. It’s exciting to combine my passions and work into one.

Outside of these realms, I am an avid performer and lover of the arts. I have spent over half of my life on a stage in some capacity, whether singing or acting. In nature is where I find myself most comfortable, where I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, or camping.