Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Plan your field trip to
BODIES… The Exhibition and TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition!
Las Vegas, NV

Let us help you organize your upcoming visit!

This page is designated for teachers organizing field trips to BODIES…The Exhibition or TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Recognize that our downloadable forms are currently only designed to align with the specific requirements of Clark County Schools. Each download includes a file prefilled to match the intended Exhibition. This caters to the district’s needs, ensuring a smooth process for teachers and students.

For either Exhibition, you’ll find a comprehensive set of forms:

1. Medical Permission Slips (Form 455):
– English version
– Spanish version

2. Field Trip Permit (Form 796):
– English version
– Spanish version

3. Request for Approval of Student Travel (Form 798):
– Guides you through the field trip proposal submission process

4. Editable Itinerary:
– Tailorable to match your specific plans for the Exhibition visit

5. Parent Letter Template:
– Editable to communicate essential details about the field trip to parents

6. Field Trip Education Value and Correlated Nevada State Standards:
– Highlights the educational aspects of the trip
– Ensures the trip aligns with educational standards in the state

7. 2024 Education Package Teacher Offerings
– Ticket pricing
– Operation Hours

Feel confident in your field trip planning knowing that these forms are district-aligned, based on current district forms, and tailored to meet the unique needs of Clark County Schools in Las Vegas.

Download, fill out, and embark on an educational adventure with your students.